i work with people in various stages of crisis to slow down, unpack, recognise and remember our innate capacity to face challengers and restore peace

i work with finding Kinder ways of being with ourselves and others. learning to look at symptoms with a lot more curiosity and compassion and less judgement. we often find an ease and more effortless Self that puts much of our struggle in perspective

the primary tools i work with are Somatic Experiencing (Trauma Healing), Systemic Constellations and Meditation

i am a qualified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and started training in 2008, i studied several advanced modules with Peter Levine, see www.traumahealing.org and am a member of www.familyconstellations.co.za since 2006

my meditation practice started in 1981 when i also started doing taiji, both of which i continue practicing today

i look after a few web sites, you can read about that here www.cccc.co.za

i am actively involved with www.solsa.org and www.hopehome.org.za with a few dedicated volunteers supporting incredibly brave girls and care givers to rebuild their lives


  • Like yesterday I can still remember our sessions in the garden between the beautiful green trees. After all the stories I found it scary to get started with you. But every story and every visible emotion... said something in me. You must, this man will not judge. The first session I cried non stop, within 2 minutes there was the drama that I had put so far away so that it could not possibly come forward. the safety you gave, your energy.. I didn't have to be ashamed anymore, with you I dared to look at the deep dark and such a heartbreaking trauma, nothing had to be done and everything went at my pace, no judgment but loving energy and confidence that it was okay. session after session we sometimes even came laughing to the core the core that my trauma and that little girl I saw, without becoming I think we sat for fifteen minutes, following every emotion, fear because what was I supposed to do with that little girl. but also proud that I dared to look at her.. she belongs to me, as long as I hide her because it's scary or sad then it threatens to go wrong. I cannot express my gratitude in words, but my life stands and I have never loved myself as much as ever before. doesn't mean I don't make mistakes, because I certainly do. I would find it very valuable to find some sessions with you that of course via Zoom, but I think that will be fine. thanks again! lots of love!

  • The openness has extended and I have had beautiful opportunities to exercise the new open-heart approach. Thank you for helping me see my light!

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