i work with people in various stages of crisis to slow down, unpack, recognise and remember our innate capacity for challengers and peace

i work with finding Kinder ways of being with ourselves and our challengers. learning to look at symptoms with a lot more curiosity and compassion and less judgement and often finding a peace and ease with Self that puts much of our struggle in perspective

the primary tools i work with are Somatic Experiencing, Systemic Constellations and Meditation

i am a qualified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and started training in 2008, and have studied several advanced modules with Peter Levine, see www.traumahealing.com and am a member of www.familyconstellations.co.za since 2008

my meditation practice started in 1981 when i also started doing taiji which i continue today

i also look after a bunch of web sites and you can read about that here www.cccc.co.za

i am actively involved with www.solsa.org and www.hopehome.org.za with a few dedicated volunteers supporting incredibly brave girls and care givers to rebuild their lives

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