Working with people in various stages of crisis to:

  • Slow down, unpack, recognise and remember our innate capacity to face challengers and restore peace
  • Find kinder ways of being with ourselves and others
  • Learn to look at symptoms with a lot more curiosity and compassion and less judgement
  • Find an easier and more effortless Self that puts much of our struggle in perspective

The primary tools i work with:

  • Somatic Experiencing (Trauma Healing)
  • Systemic Constellations
  • Collective Trauma Healing (Thomas Hubl)
  • Meditation

Qualifications and Experience:

Eli Ron Goldblatt
Online or In-Person
Johannesburg, South Africa


  • The openness has extended and I have had beautiful opportunities to exercise the new open-heart approach. Thank you for helping me see my light!

  • The first session I cried non stop, within 2 minutes there was the drama that I had put so far away so that it could not possibly come forward. the safety you gave, your energy.. I didn't have to be ashamed anymore, with you I dared to look at the deep dark and such a heartbreaking trauma, nothing had to be done and everything went at my pace, no judgment but loving energy and confidence that it was okay. session after session we sometimes even came laughing to the core... proud that I dared to look

  • Always amazed how it can go - indirectly and directly - to the heart of the matter.
    I love it how a constellation's effect trickles through in time.
    again deeply touched by the compassion and holding you bring. that sense of all is welcome, all is allowed, all is possible and all can be transformed.
  • Thanks for a fantastic session today. It’s amazing what happens when we actually listen. Thank you for showing that to me today.

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